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Amy Pond from page #1 of the Companions Omnibus

Amy Pond is the companion and mother-in-law of the Doctor, wife of Rory Williams and mother of Melody Pond, better known as River Song. She was born in Scotland but moved to Leadworth, England at (presumably) the age of seven. During her life a crack manifested wherever she went. This is eventually revealed to be a crack in space and time. While she was unconcious the universe seeped through the crack, giving her limited reality-warping abilities. This enabled her to manipulate the memories of the people of Leadworth, resurrect the Doctor and Rory and rewind time to the day of her wedding. At the time the Mutant Revolution was about to obliterate Earth, Sebastian Shaw and his Hellfire Club came to England looking for a powerful person to create the mutant energy coverter. The Brotherhood of Mutants also came to look for her, with slightly nicer intentions. The Club and the Brotherhood pitch a massive battle against each other. Both sides are weakened, but the Brotherhood managed to take Amy Pond to Asteroid M to power their engine, for interstellar travel to the Shi'ar Imperium. Magneto had already amassed many mutants to his Brotherhood for the Revolution. The Doctor arrived with the aid of UNIT and freed Amy, while gunfire felled a large amount of mutants. After leaving UNIT to detain Magneto, the Doctor offered to take Amy as a companion. She accepted, on the condition that they bring her husband, Rory. They take Rory and Amy to the planet Argolis, a leisure planet he previously visited in his fourth incarnation. They spend a great deal of time there, and return often. Due to her travels she can now pilot the TARDIS with relative ease, with only River and the Doctor himself being more skilled.