Davros is a Kaled scientist and original creator of the Daleks, and is the greatest enemy of the Doctor. He was born on Skaro but due to the nature of his genius in time travel technology the exact date of his birth is almost impossible to determine. At some point in his life, the Kaled/Thal war broke out, ending with a massive nuclear fallout, leaving the Kaleds mutated into small, vestigial creatures and the Thals devoted pacifists. Davros, being one of the few Kaleds not significantly mutated, placed the mutant Kaleds in 'Mark II travel machines', thereby creating the dreaded Daleks. Although originally hoping to make them as a survival method, he eventually turned them into the ideal soldier, with no emotions other than hate or anger. He established the Dalek Empire on Skaro, with one aim: Extermination of all other life-forms.

They began their expansion by taking control of the neighbouring planets, all of which were lifeless. Skaro was originally less than 30 light years away from the planet Dibron 5, where the Dark Avengers had been working on a machine capable of inducing programmed evolution in single-celled organisms. The Sentry single-handedly fought the entire 5,000-Dalek army, his matter and energy manipulation abilities being more than a match for them. The remaining Dark Avengers: Iron Patriot, Bullseye, Daken, Venom and Moonstone continued to fight while completing the machine, Codename: Genesis. Before retreating the Daleks managed to interfere with it and induced their own DNA, which was the basis of the Progenitor. Davros was defeated by the Doctor in Avengers/Daleks #21 and banished into the Rift with the aid of the Pheonix Force, as the Doctor was friends with Professor X. As the Rift is a pocket dimension he may have survived.