The Kardashev-Atraxi Scale is the definitive form of measuring civilization advancement in the Doctor Who/Marvel universe. There are up to ten distinct types on the scale:

Type IEdit

The first type is a race that has discovered the use of fire as an energy source, and uses it to shape metalloids for various purposes. The Type I race has developed vocal communication with syntax and grammar. Still highly militant. The Argo-veran species from the planet Nibua is a fitting example.

Type IIEdit

The second type has conducted experiments using electricity as an energy source, and has produced it in larger quantities. The energy sources of the planet are still largely unknown, but advancements have been made in the areas of biology and chemistry, leading to medicinal appliance at a faster rate. Damage to environment still abundant in areas. The Human race is from the planet Earth is a fitting example.

Type IIIEdit

The third type has mastered the energy sources of their home planet and has colonized the nearest planet successfully. The colonized planet's natural species have been studied and categorized. Advancements made in space travel and observational technology. Use of nuclear weaponry is widespread. Natural mutations have occurred in the race, making them stronger, faster and has elevated their analysing abilities to much higher levels.

Type IVEdit