Magneto by jprcolor

Magneto (Erik Lensherr) is a Polish mutant, father of Quicksilver, Polaris and Scarlet Witch, and founder of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He was born in the late 1920s and was put in concentration camp in Germany at the age of 15. The Doctor and Amy Pond were visiting Winston Churchill at the time and, after being forced to release the New Daleks, answered the signal of vast mental energy of a distressed mutant mind. They arrived in the office of Herr Schweigen, the head of the camp. The TARDIS, being immune to gunfire, stands against the combined fire of 30 Nazi guards. Magneto senses the Doctor and breaks out of his cell, his mutant power now fully manifested. He kills the guards and convinces the Doctor to help him break his parents out. Although the Doctor sympathises with Magneto, he is fearful of his readiness to kill. They find his parents, but before they can free them Herr Schweigen arrives and kills them both. Before Magneto utterly destroys him the Doctor takes him to the TARDIS with Amy. He takes Magneto to America, leaving him with Charles Xavier and his family. This is how they became friends. Herr Schweigen escaped the camp and later appears in X-Silence.

At the age of 36, Magneto creates the Brotherhood and attempts to attack the X-Men, a plan which eventually fails due to the actions of Cyclops. Magneto believes that their only aim is to help the mutants, while his Brotherhood believes in destroying all others. As future documents show, he eventually conforms to their ideals.