Multi-Potent (Ian Finchley) is an English mutant. Born to abusive parents, he left home at the age of twelve, hoping to live with his aunt. After two years of a peaceful life, his mutation manifested, causing a massive plasma discharge which killed both his aunt and his best friend, Judie. At the time mutants were discriminated against so he hid for a few months before being taken in by Mister Sinister. Sinister taught him in the use of his abilities, which included energy blasts of varying power, self-propelled flight, vast psionic abilities, control of his own body at a molecular level and what he calls timestop, where he pauses all chrontion motion in a certain area. By the time he was seventeen, he was well trained in his abilities. Another apprentice of Sinister, a mutant with superhuman strength, convinced Ian to join an attack upon Sinister. This attack failed and many of the traitors fled, Ian being one of them. He came to London, working as an assistant to a advertisement company. During his time as an assistant he was approached by Tony Stark, with an offer to join the Avengers. Ian declined this, thinking it would be a Mister Sinister situation all over again. He says that later on he regretted declining.