Mundi mutandis
Mundi Mutandis (World Of Change) is a planetary body populated solely by carriers of the X-gene. Any mutant species is welcome to habitate it. Magneto, Master of Magnetism, is the current leader of the large civilization. The planet is situated in E2049, a galaxy in the Phobos-Andromeda cluster, Ophiuchis Supercluster.


Formed during asteroid collisions in the area (the mutant Tempo discovered this occurred 2.1 billion years ago when she was imprisoned there). Magnetic poles shifted immediately after its creation. Evidence suggests that the Celestials played some part in its manifestation, as recently discovered telepathic fields emanate messages as old as Mundi Mutandis itself. Translation by the omnilingual Cypher (a hostage of the Mutant Revolution) is underway. Other than this, various small artifacts have been identified as Dalek and Vespiform, found in the equator mountain ridge. Most likely they visited around 2000 years prior to the present day.

The surface was settled by the X-genetic population directly after the Fall of the Arcadian Systems, the last recorded campaign of the Mutant Revolutions. Few of the armies under Magneto's command were left. Many terraforming projects were made upon arrival to Mundi Mutandis.


The atmosphere contains 80% oxygen-rich, 10% nitrogen, 2% argon and 8% sulfur dioxide. Generally considered hostile to humanoids, but the Omega-level mutants who came with the Revolutions have aided in changing it to the point where even an average human would be able to live in only slight discomfort. Many different forms of environment are present, in part to the biological manipulation of Klara Plast and Elixir's daughter, Genea (one of the most powerful mutants present during the Time War and Mutant Revolutions). Many places are based on real-life countries on Earth and Gallifrey.

  • Mutandis-SNOWland
    Edge of the Nfinian forest two miles from the technical equator. The region is constantly in snow. The two moons Lorna and Wanda (only daughters of Magneto).
  • The area of Hiberac where the northern polar cap would be on Earth. It is modelled on the Irish countryside. The flora and fungi are identical alien.
  • Savannah in Koelissa in the middle island range. A singular sun, Tusash, is the only source of light in the range. Animals have been morphed by Genea to maintain ecosystem.

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