(This particular text only refers to one planet featured in the Mutant Revolution, which spanned many planets in the Vita Quadrant). The Mutant Revolution of Gallifrey is an event that will debut after Blue Box Gone. The series will be called the Mutant Revolutions. Magneto, after his raising from the dead by Selene, has new targets. Deciding that if humanity will not accept them, no one will. Asteroid M was raised by the X-Men, but after their return to San Fransisco, he replaced it in space near Mars. Engineering various race attacks on his own kind around the world as a lightning rod he managed to recruit a huge army of mutants, including various Omega-levels. He decided his first target: Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords, and furthermore the Doctor. The Time War, where almost all races mutant or not participated, had nearly obliterated the planet. Magneto took advantage of the situation and quickly led his fleet there. The few Gallifreyans who resided in the atmosphere around their planet did not pay attention to the signals.

Disguising his visit as a request for help (evidence shows he may initially have plans to create some form of alliance with them)