Hala UnderD628

The planet under heavy fire from the TARDIS

Hala, the homeworld of the alien race the Kree, was the second target of the initial Revolution. This target was noticeable for the Time Lord known as the Doctor taking part in it, destroying the HomeCities on the surface with his famed temporal torpedoes. There were plans to negotiate a surrender, which the Kree accepted:

(Magneto, the Doctor, Azazel and Emma Frost appear via transmat in the tunnels of Rad-Nam)

MAR-VELL: Why is Earth no longer your play-pen, Magneto? Have they bored you now?

MAGNETO: Hala is mine. Your home, your world, YOU ARE MINE! Now listen!

DOCTOR: Erik, let us talk.

MAGNETO: The Kree never talk. They are pugnacious. Mar-Vell, the list of survivors grows ever shorter the longer you defend. Surrender, or you will see a massacre.

AZAZEL: There are riches on Hala, are there not? My family would go to the ends of time and back to pore over such things as you have here, Mar-Vell.

MAR-VELL: Your foul demons keep their claws hidden. Doctor, why do you fight... with him? WHAT OF EARTH? WHAT OF THE HUMANS WHO DIED FIGHTING HIS DISEASE? Mutantkind are a curse, Time Lord.

DOCTOR: No. No, no. Erik has a dream that I will fight for. And die for.

EMMA FROST: This is no dream, Doctor! This is a nightmare!

MAGNETO: Emma, beruhigen. Mar-Vell, please. Surrender to me now.


EMMA: Lo na Mashi aal. Deveme na eokal sib. Lo na ficaxicmana, do rom adisa. Co Mashi aal. A-de-veeo.

MAR-VELL: You...? You, how? Stay out of MY MIND!

(He slowly nods his head and