Sontar after Quicksilver detonates the matter-nucleus bomb in the core

Sontar is often considered the final place of attack for Magneto's Mutant Revolution. Although he transported his force to the stratosphere, his son Quicksilver led the main armies against the Sontaran force. Initially invading the cloning factions in the southern hemisphere, close to the polar cap, the mutant assimilation attacked the huge base of operations (the equivalent of a planetary capital). The base, collectively known as Dant, opposed them successfully at first but soon succumbed to the reality-warping abilities of Madelyne Pryor. General Skarr, the de facto leader after the death of Staal, was obliterated alongside the vast majority of the Sontaran extraterrestrial defence force. Quicksilver. his sister Polaris and Anole (who had joined the Revolution after the events of Vortex Guardians: Fargone #16) secretly descended via shuttle to the underground housing inhabited by non-volatile Sontarans, therefore shunned from the militant society. This conversation ensues when they attempt to argue a peace, against Magneto's wishes:

ANOLE: Magneto doesn't know what he's willing to do. If Pietro can tal-

POLARIS: My father has the power to destroy this world. Sontarans, we can only attempt to escape now.

HARX: Our society is based around war. The survivors will not flee.

(Quicksilver jumps up and faces the Sontarans, while Polaris stands back. Anole looks on in shock)

QUICKSILVER: Stay with them... and you will die. But join us in a glorious battle across the galaxies, there is what will not keep the people in fear. What say you?

SOYD: The metal man and his armies will not stay in our skies any longer! We will fight, for Sontar. That is what we have been made to do.

ANOLE: He could kill us. The planet will rip if he comes any closer, mustn't we leave? The Doctor will come, and Magneto won't stand a chance!

POLARIS: Don't be a fool, Victor! The Time Lord has forsaken us.

ANOLE: No, he has forsaken your father. We can still call on him. He won't deny us.

QUICKSILVER: But will he fight with us? The Doctor would let Magneto go.

HARX: Let us assemble any troops. We will fight until Magneto draws his last breath of Sontaran air.

The children of Magneto and Anole, along with exactly 6,402,388 Sontarans, waged a space battle against the huge ships docked in the sky. The proportions of the battle permanently changed the chemical structure of the Sontaran atmosphere, rendering it unhospitable to life. Magneto, in a desperate effort to kill the Sontaran rebels, planted a matter-nucleus device on his son, Quicksilver, then transmatted him near the planet's core. Quicksilver had no choice but to apparently die when it detonated, simeltaneously splitting the surface of Sontar. Wolverine, Anole, Polaris, Wolverine, Rogue and Mercury are the only known mutants to have survived.

  • Base mutant army
  • Quicksilver
  • Alliance with Anole and Polaris
  • 3 Starships
  • Large majority of population
  • General Skarr
  • Habitable planet