Nightcrawler onboard the Valiant searching for Nocturne to return to the House of M reversal scheme

Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) is the son of the shapeshifter Mystique and Neyaphem lord Azazel, husband to the Scarlet Witch and Magik, and father to Nocturne, a companion of the Doctor. Born in Bavaria, he was abandoned by Mystique and later found by Margali Szardos, the mother of his future wife, Magik. She raised him until puberty when his teleportation ability manifested. He accidently teleported to London and met Jack Harkness. They became firm friends, and Kurt was later introduced to Gwen Cooper, with whom he fell in love with. She reciprocated his feelings and they dated for a short while, before Nightcrawler was recruited to rescue the original X-Men from the living island Krakoa, leaving England and never meeting Gwen. He still has some feelings for her, while it seems that she has forgotten him. The mission to rescue them succeeded, but the original X-Men all quit upon arrival to America. While on Krakoa, he encountered the mutant Darwin, part of the team that Professor X first recruited to rescue the X-Men. He became part of the new team, staying with them until his supposed death after Hope Summers' return from the future. He has been a member of the team Excalibur alongside Captain Britain, after the team was believed to be dead. Upon waking up, he believed he had no chice but to join. He only returned to America with his fellow X-Man and Excalibur member, Kitty Pryde, after he realized that the X-Men needed him. When the mutant Hope Summers returns to the present, he apparently dies protecting her. It was later revealed that he had cloned himself and let this die in his place. The X-Men leader Cyclops has discovered that he is living in his native Germany happily.