Nocturne from page #12 of the Companions Omnibus

Nocturne (Talia Wagner) is a mutant and companion of the Doctor. Her first appearance in publication will be in Vortex Guardians #1, while her first appearance in canonicity will be in The Companions Omnibus. She was born in Germany and came to America to find her father, Nightcrawler. At the age of 23 she joined the X-Men in a mission to the Shi'ar Imperium. Before they arrive the engines are destroyed by the Time Celestial. They crash-land in Cardiff, propogating the Vortex Guardians. She is taken to the Torchwood Insitute and accidently allows Amy Pond access to her memories. They both return to the TARDIS with the Doctor. She is smitten with Rory as soon as she sees him, and Rory has the same reaction, although already being married to Amy. They later have numerous on-off relationships unbeknowst to Amy. She becomes a full-time companion and her sharp intelligence makes her a vital friend and ally. She is opposed to the Doctor's methods of not interfering, expressing this physically when she attacks the Doctor on 80th Century Earth, albeit being under the influence of the hive mind known as the Entity. She is most likely the closest companion to the Doctor, as she is the one who has never left for any reason. She is loyal to the Doctor, but has a stingy relationship with Amy. She is currently a companion