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River Song from page 2 of the Companions Omnibus

Prof. River Song (Melody Pond) is the professor of archeology at Luna University, wife of the Doctor and daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams. Born imprisoned with her mother by Madame Kovarian and Herr Schweigen (both well-known agents of the religious sect the Silence) she was taken by the Silence and trained to be the Doctor's assassin. During interstellar travel, the ship encountered Asteroid M and Magneto managed to come aboard. Instantly recognizing Melody, he escaped with her. A large part of the training had already taken place but she still lacked the motivation to kill her future husband. The daughter of Magneto, Polaris, became the child's adoptive mother. River still shares a bond with the mutant. When the Silence invaded Asteroid M, Magneto was nearing Dibron 5, where the Dark Avengers had previously visited, as a conquest for the Mutant Revolution. The Silence successfully kidnapped her but not before Magneto placed a psychic tracking device in her head. She first met the Doctor as an infant onboard Demon's Run, the converted asteroid owned by Madame Kovarian, before the encounter with Asteroid M. Chronologically, she meets him backwards in events. His first meeting and her last was in the Library, where she dies.