Rory Williams from the back cover of Mutants: Unknown #1

Rory Williams is a companion and step-father of the Doctor, wife of Amy Pond, and father to Melody Pond, also known as River Song. He was born in Leadworth, but at the age of eight he was kidnapped by the alien race known as the Cult of Skaro, as their timeline-monitoring technology had revealed his relationship with Melody Pond, the 'woman who kills the Doctor'. They injected him with the Dalek Factor, hoping to make him what they called the perfect Dalek, with a human body but Dalek mind. They hoped with this they would be able to track down Melody Pond and attain the knowledge of the Doctor before she killed him. This ploy failed when the Doctor intervened and rescued Rory. He later erased any memory of the incident from Rory's mind. The Daleks managed to implant a device in Rory's brain which would enable him to take on a Dalek's personality when experiencing large amounts of rage. The Doctor only revealed this fact to Rory after Amy and Nocturne were kidnapped by the Daleks. After the events of the Mutant Revolution and the Time War, the Avengers attempted to track down Rory in order to find Thor, who had disappeared after the battle of Arcadia. He was last seen single-handedly fighting Davros' flagship. Rory then left the TARDIS and attained a job working for Mutant Investigations, where his experience with the Vortex Guardians made him a valuable ally. He and Nocturne have had numerous on-off relationships, despite Rory being married to Amy Pond. He has currently left Mutant Investigations and is once again a companion of the Doctor. He, his wife and heir infant daughter are currently targets for the Time Lord revenge assimilation, made after the Time War. His first appearance in publication will be in Vortex Guardians #1, while his first appearance in canonicity will be in The Companions Omnibus.