Occhio di DIo
Space/Time Creatures are singular entities with a hive conciousness that exist in one point in any and all universes. They have a conciousness that encompasses all of existence, but is completely telepathic, so is unable to affect the physical world. They are immovable, as their point in the universes was created in the Big Bang to hold them there. They created a psychic rapport with the entire population of Earth, hoping to find a mind to intergrate into their own, as they were nearly insane with monotonous thought. The Doctor had been visiting his prior companion Donna at the time, and his mind was found by the Creatures. They took his conciousness and left his body a shell. Amy, Rory and Nocturne took care of him for a year, while Amy became incredibly proficient in flying the TARDIS. Rory and Nocturne accompanied her to Earth in the year 1,000,000,000,000, where a Space/Time Creature was living in the center of London, which had become a field of blood-red grass. They managed to communicate with the Doctor through the Creature and Nocturne realized the only way to rescue him was to take him out themselves, as he was unable to leave due to the nature of his massive intelligence. They entered the hive conciousness and got him out successfully, but Amy was infected with a mental illness known as the Hive Madness, causing her to attain red eyes and a multi-voice. They eventually supress the illness inside her subconciousness, but it can arise when she is in a strong mood. Like her husband, she has a burden to bear for the rest of her days. The Vortex Guardians arrived to help them home and took Amy to the Torchwood Institute, where she remains.