Group of normal Isolations in the initial stages after the Mutant Revolution

The Isolations is the collective term for any living being that has never encountered a mutant or mutate of any species. Their first appearance will be in Vortex Guardians #5. The singular is Isolate. When an Isolate encounters a mutant/mutate, they die immediately, with the exception of 'Rejects', the slang term for an Isolate born of a mutant/mutate. It is unknown what occurs when a Reject meets a mutant/mutate again, as every recorded case in history has been separated from their parents at the moment of birth. They have no name for themselves, the name Isolations was applied to them circa 1939 A.D. the first appearance of the X-gene in humans in large numbers. Often attributed to a recessive gene that creates a biological barrier against mutant/mutates, they have been known to form groups, 'Isolation Factions', for protection. Since the Mutant Revolution they are ordered to wear white masks for identification. Being an Isolate is therefore not a choice, they must avoid mutant/mutates, or die. Those that choose to be Isolations, 'Intolerants', are normally shunned by the Isolate community, but are treated no differently by human or mutantkind. Famous Isolates include:

The Master: The infamous Time Lord and enemy of the Doctor. When it was discovered that he was an Isolate, many scientific barriers were shattered, mainly due to the fact that a Time Lord's genetic structure is an incredibly unusual thing in itself, as the Time Vortex has infused with the base DNA. The Master has yet to fully accept the gene.

Herr Schweigen: The Nazi officer in charge of watching Erik Lensherr (Magneto) in the Auschwitz concentration camp during WWII. When Magneto came to his office to kill him, he escaped via a transmat, before the mutant could inflict any harm. It was later revealed that Herr Schweigen was an agent of the religious sect, the Silence. His first appearance will be in Origins: Magneto.

Bryan Gwynn: The only son of the Uncanny X-Man, Pixie (Abigail Gwynn). When Pixie gave birth to Bryan, she developed a secondary mutation, the ability to cure the Isolation gene. This was not in her control and was immediately applied to her son. Bryan lost the gene but was nonetheless separated. After a month, the gene returned. Bryan lives in London with his flatmate Jimmy. He remains contact with his mother.

Vislor Turlough: The former companion of the fifth incarnation of the Doctor. When he was contacted by the Black Guardian to kill the Doctor, he was simultaneously told that he was afflicted with Isolation. When he was unable to carry out the deed and joined the Fifth Doctor, he asked the Doctor to scan him, while Nyssa and Tegan were away. He was confirmed to be an Isolate. At this point the Doctor was completey unaware such a genetic anomaly even existed, but by his eleventh incarnation he has a full working knowledge.