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The Shadow Negative (Turin 367-56A) is a renegade clone and mercenary who has developed a sociopathic tendency through-out his life.


Born on a cloning facility in the Arctic Circle around 9022 A.D., he killed his guard and escaped to what remained of Northern Russia after World War VIII. The war had killed 8,000,000,000 out of a 11,000,000,000 strong human race, and the majority of the surviving men and women escaped to the Andromeda galaxy. All that remained were various sects, criminal organizations and the Ny-Blu Cloning Base, where duplicates were created to be slaves for the rich. He joined the Russian syndicate, Red Hammer. After goading them into believing that Ny-Blu is rich with unregistered credits, the syndicate attack the base, killing the entire base' population. He then trapped Red Hammer inside and detonated a bio-bomb. A few young members escaped, whom Turin took under his wing and taught to be master assassins. They established themselves in the New York Caves, quickly becoming the most feared criminals in the deep places of the world. Eventually they were referred to as either Them, They or Him. During this period, the Black Guardian sensed a new apprentice. To get his message across, he killed the entire group apart from Turin and offered him a choice: death or subservience. Turin became his apprentice and together they fought the White Guardian's forces. They were defeated and the Black Guardian was banished into the Rift. Turin was now alone. He went to Pelennon, a planet famous for its philanthropic establishments. They shunned him, causing the darker side of his personality to take over.

Shadow NegativeEdit