The Vor

The manifestation of the Vortex from the back cover of Origins: The Doctor

tex (Eliza Smith) is a mutant manifestation of the Time Vortex, the dimension through which all time technology is linked to. Her powers are unlimited when in her true form, but in her human body she is capable of traversing the Time Vortex freely and without harm, creating apertures into the Time Vortex, sensing apertures and other links and manipulating the temporal energy produced by it. She is viewed as 'the dimensional manifestation of time and space'. In her true form, she possesses unlimited energy and matter manipulation abilities, similar to Rose Tyler and Amy Pond, and has no conciousness to speak of, being a entity of physical time (in every instance that she has shifted, she has been controlled by either the Doctor or Galactus) She was depowered by Mad Jim Jaspers and is currently working with Friends of Humanity, attempting to lessen their fierceness with mutants. She still retains telepathic contact with the Emperor of Oblivion.